Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring in Denmark - Survival tips

Spring is here!
And for the newcomers in Denmark here are some survival tips:

1) "Sun" (clearly a "he") and "Temperature" (a "she") are two concepts that have different meaning and application here in Denmark than what you are used to (especially if you come from the South). Sun may do us the favor to come out once in a while but then again never be sure that he will stay out for long. On the same logic, Temperature is definately bipolar. Rumors say that Sun and Temperature have a weird love affair with each other and that is why nothing is never easy or predictable with these two.

2) For the above explained reasons, once you see the sun, just follow the Danes: get your thumbs out of your ass and go out! Drink a beer near the lakes, grab your bike and just ride near the sea, lie on the grass, go to Bakken. Or Tivoli. But we prefer Bakken (sorry Tivoli!). You get the point: do it now that you can!

3) Layering is your best friend. Master the art of getting dressed like an onnion. It's a must! As mentioned above, you never know (especially during spring!) when it is going to rain, when it will be sunny, hot, cold, etc. Everything here is a mystery. Or even better, a huge joke...on us!

4) If you come from the South and you brought your countless pairs of flip flops with you, then the joke is -again- on you. We don't think that you will be needing them..

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