Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our first post on the way to a more hyggelig Denmark!

Dear friend,

Welcome to our small community which aims to make Denmark a little bit more hyggelig for you and - in the end of the day - for ourselves as well!

We are planning to share our everyday stories, places that we saw and we think you should visit as well, great events and happenings we have heard about and think you would be interested too, tips and "how to" guides that will hopefully help you and us during our stay in this country.

Our goal is that this project will allow us to share all the cool things we found hidden and at the same time learn about all the things you have found as well.

We don't like being alone - we hate it! We want you with us! So feel free to speak with us! Let's discuss, exchange and together, let's explore and re-invent the way we are living in Denmark :) We hope that after some time we will form a community of friends exchanging interesting stuff, info, tips even things! (but we will talk to you about this idea in another post)

Are you a Dane? A French guy? A Greek girl? Are you a Filipino? Or maybe from Spain?
You are welcome to join us! Everyone is welcome!
(unless you are an animal torturer... or a psycho killer... or a.. anyway you get the point!)

Join us on facebook at, follow our blog, become a part of our community and let's have some fun!  

Copenhagen street art, Norrebrogade

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