Friday, May 17, 2013

Dining in Copenhagen

We all know that Copenhagen has been the culinary capital of Europe during the last years, especially because of Noma restaurant (voted the best restaurant in the world for the last 3 years) and many others that followed its lead.

But let's be realistic... Even if we live here, the majority of us cannot afford a visit to Noma!
Do not be alarmed my friends. There are many other perfect choices here in CPH. Our favorite choice would be the COFOCO restaurants.

COFOCO covers 9 very good quality restaurants serving delicious food. We haven't been at all of them but rumors say that the standards are quite high in all of them and that no matter which one you chose the chances are that you are going to be satisfied! We can guarantee that VespaScarpetta Islands Brygge and Les trois cochons are quite amazing since we have already visited them. The great thing about these restaurants is that they offer some special deals, in which you can have a full 4 or even 5 course menu starting from 200-300 DKK per person (excluding alcohol), which is quite a fair price for a dining axperience in Copenhagen.

Wanna learn more?
Visit them on, follow them on facebook and have a look on the below video:

Restaurant Cofoco from Hans Frederik Munch on Vimeo.

Yummy right???

Another great thing in Copenhagen is Copenhagen Dining Week.
During week number 7 (mid-end February) Copenhagen celebrates dining with a very special way: some of the best restaurants of the city open their doors offering a full menu with 200 DKK per person. Last February 100 restaurants participated and the experience was great! It was quite chaotic to book a table in the nicest places since the demand was quite big but still there were plenty of choices available. Keep that tip in mind for next February and follow Copenhagen Dining week on facebook to stay updated about 2014 special offers :)

Do you have more places to propose for a quality dining experience at a reasonable price??



  1. I definitely recommend Pluto (and their sister restaurant Retur) for a cheap dine!

  2. Thank you Janet! We will definately try it :)

  3. All madklubben restaurants are good and reasonably priced!