Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Group of people take initiative to help refugees in Lesvos - Greece. Your support is needed.

A group of people in ‪#‎Cph‬ are in the process of gathering and sending things to Lesbos in a container to the refugees in need there so if you're interested in contributing read on.

It's just everyday people, no NGOS involved or anything of the sort. The organisers are doing everything from collecting the actual things needed to funding the amount needed for the container.

How can you help???

1) Things needed:
They are currently collecting and sorting out a whole bunch of things which are necessary for the refugees who are arriving on a daily basis.
They need a lot of things ranging from:
Baby diapers
Feminine pads
Toys rubber or plastic
Big bags (for eg. IKEA)
Canned food (beans, corn, tuna, fruit etc.) with the ring on the can. Doubt they're carrying can openers.
Used clean clothing and shoes.
Please be kind to classify thm in boxes or bags if possible and label with
Keep in mind weather , so rain clothing or protection would be great. Baby sun hats are in demand too.
The deadline for delivering things is Tuesday September 1, 18.00 in Copenhagen and yes it is possible to contribute if you live outside Copenhagen too! see more info here:
You can drop the stuff off at The Little Things on Vesterbrogade 161 until further notice. Ask for Anne. Opening hours: weekdays: 10 – 17 & Saturday: 10 – 14

2) Give 5, 10, 30 DKK or any amount you can for the delivery costs: 
Mobile Pay: 53 64 64 25 write LESBOS and your name
Bank Transfer: Reg: 4434 Konto: 4440646190
3) Spread the word!!!!

Why you should help:

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