Monday, February 3, 2014

Danes love liquorice and we will never know why

The Danes love liquorice. They love it.
The chew it, they eat it, they cook with it, they consider it a candy, they put it in chocolate, in your lunch, in your drinks, everywhere! When you eat something you always need to pray that it will not contain liquorice. I have a colleague sitting next to me. Each time i will go to the toilet or to a meeting without my glass of water, he will throw a tiny piece of liquorice in it just to tease me. His name is S. and one day i will get my revenge.

I repeat: The Danes love liquorice.They are obsessed with it.
We will never understand why. Never.
The only thing we can do is observe them and accept this fact. visited the world´s smallest liquorice factory "LAKRIDS" in Tåstrup, DK and filmed how they produce this salty substance which Danes love so much.
Here is the video:

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