Saturday, October 5, 2013

Must do: grab your friends and have a dinner in Vespa - Copenhagen

We have already mentioned this restaurant in a different post (read more here), but we cannot resist dedicating this post to Vespa in order to introduce you to the place.

Before visiting Vespa, we thought it was a quite high class restaurant: a quiet, calm, fine dining place... Well, it is not exactly like that. We would not recommend this place for a romantic dinner for two or for someone who wants to have a fine dining experience..

So what is Vespa?
Part of the Cofoco family, Vespa is an honest, easygoing, relaxed, simple restaurant that serves Italian food.
That's Vespa. It is in your face, it is clean, real and it does not pretend to be something else than what it really is: quite similar to the attitude of an actual Vespa if you think about it....

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And when should i go there?
Are you with your friends and want to have a delicious but at the same time fun dinner with loads of wine? Grab your friends and have a blast in Vespa! They have a special offer where you can have a full menu (antipasti, primo, secondo and desert) with all the wine you can drink (no limits) for around 400 DKK per person (when we visited the place the prices were at 400 DKK. We checked their website apparently now it is 425 DKK. Check their current menu here:

And how is the food?
The food was great! Do not expect something super sophisticated. As we said Vespa is simple and easygoing. They have simple but delicious Italian flavors. What we loved was that in the beginning they bring you a lot of different antipasti. So right from the start, get ready to taste 10 different small plates of various delicacies.

 Insalata tiepida di polipo e patate – Blækspruttesalat med kartofler, persille, agurk og chili

 Insalata caprese con mozzarella di bufala – Caprese salat med bøffelmozzarella

Prosciutto di Parma – Parmaskinke
Finocchiona – Fennikel salami

Grissini e bagna cauda – Grissini med bagna cauda dip
Merluzzo alla Livornese – Friteret torsk med spicy tomatsovs

After all the antipasti, there are two more courses and a desert. Let's not forget that the alcohol keeps coming as long as you have chosen their special offer that includes the limitless consumption of wine :)

The desert: 
Susine caramellate con gelato al mascarpone – Bagte og karamelliserede blommer med mascarpone is

:) :) :) even though we were expecting something else, we loved Vespa just because it is down to earth. We loved the idea of having so many antipasti in the beginning and tasting all these different flavors. The wine offer was very appreciated :)

:( :( :( The place is small. Which is not necessarily bad, but it was very, very VERY crowded and noisy. There was no music in the background. All this noise and the fact that we were sitting very close to each other made us feel a bit uncomfortable and tired quite soon.

St. Kongensgade 90,
1264 København K

Read more about Vespa in their website or in their facebook page
Also visit Cofoco website and facebook page to learn more about them :)

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