Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chico's Cantina Mexican restaurant - bar

Wanna have a brunch inside a jail cell? Or in the jungle?
We have a place to recommend :)

We visited Chico's Cantina and we have to admit, we liked it!
The whole restaurant/bar is divided in 4 different rooms: a common Mexican restaurant room, a bar, a jailhouse and a jungle.
In the jailhouse the actual tables are designed in such a way so that you can actually eat inside a jail cell.

The jail cell

In the jungle there are big round tables, giving the feeling of a bamboo bungalow hidden in the trees, the lighting is quite low and the whole atmosphere is making you feel as if Tarzan and Jane are actually joining you for brunch  (fyi, you need to be at least 6 to book a table in the jungle). 

The jungle - photo source here 

The brunch costed 89 DKK (in their menu it said 160 DKK but apparently they have lowered their prices and have not updated the menus..) and we got unlimited access to a Mexican buffet that had everything: rice, meet, eggs, tacos, chicken, bacon, nachos, salads... Don't expect something super-gourmet but you will eat a lot for a reasonable price in an amusing atmosphere. If you have a sweet tooth then this brunch is not for you since the only sugary thing they have is fresh crepes. Which is not bad at all actually!

See address and reservation number here
Find out more and check out their pictures in their website:

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